Advanced Sweep and Scull

Rowing objectives

  • Work on technical skills and endurance levels

  • Gain fitness benefits from rowing

  • Increase comfort and skill levels in both sweep and sculling boats

  • Understand boat rhythm and balance

  • Enjoy the beauty, challenge, and community of rowing

  • Opportunities to compete at local regattas

There is no exact science for moving from beginning to advanced sweep and scull. Progress in rowing is not linear and we believe in supporting your interests and goals and having fun along the way. If you are interested in moving up, it is best to communicate with the coaches of both programs.


As a member of LUC, you may row in as many sessions as you want within your skill level. We like to take the mix and match approach so rowing can fit into your lifestyle.

Mon, Tue, Thurs 6:45-8:15am

Mon, Wed 6:30-8pm and Sat 9:00-10:30am (this class is just coming back after covid, check in with us before showing up)

Mon, Wed, Fri =9:00-10:30am *exclusively small boats, emphasis on distance rowing

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