20160812_094116 (2)Take a Water Break with Lake Union Crew

Trying something new together as a team is a wonderful was to step outside the day to day routine at the office.  Sitting in one of our 8 person shells, the playing field is leveled, everyones roles are new and exciting, and the lake stretches out with a myriad of discoveries in front of you.

Please contact us to coordinate your business or organization’s unique team building experience.

  • Fun packed 2.5 – 3 hour rowing lesson to break out of the office routine

  • Get to know each other better and experience a totally out of the norm activity together

  • LUC provides coxswains and coaches for as many as 5 groups of 8 rowers at a time (40 people on the water at once)

  • $99 plus tax per person

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