Lake Union Crew is a vibrant community of athletes and coaches, located on the west side of Lake Union in the heart of Seattle. Our members enjoy the very best facilities; from highly skilled coaches, gym equipment and indoor rowing spaces to men’s and women’s changing rooms with private shower stalls and lockers.

Trailer and Rack Space Rental

A custom LUC trailer transports all our valuable equipment to regattas. We also rent trailer space for traveling regattas and rack space at the boathouse to individuals with private shells. Contact us for more information.

Land Training

In our brand new gym, we have Concept2 ergometers, free-weights, a Precor elliptical, cable weights, leg press, squat rack, bicycles and physio-balls. The gym also has head phone jack music players compatibility.

Gym hours are:

M-Th 4:45am-8:00pm

Friday 4:45am-6:00pm

Saturday 5:00am-12pm.

Saturday after noon and Sundays members may come in to work out with a buddy only – no weights or erging alone.

Racing Shells

The boat bays are home to over 70 shells designed for different skill levels.

For on-water coaching our wake-less launches are equipped with life vests and safety equipment. We run a rigorous maintenance program, upgrading and purchasing new equipment as necessary.

Office Hours

In general someone is around Monday-Friday 8:00am-2:00pm and Saturday 8:00am-12:00pm. Sometimes we are in the boat bays or out on the lake, email is likely the quickest way to get a hold of us if we don’t answer the phone right away. Sunday the office is closed.

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