Calling All Coxswains!

LUC is seeking experienced racing coxswains. Traveling is required and paid for by your team. If interested please contact us at info@lakeunioncrew.com. Read on to learn more about the benefits of coxing at Lake Union Crew.

How Coxing Works

Coxswains participate at a variety of levels at Lake Union Crew. Full-time coxswains (3-4 times per week depending on rowing season) enjoy a host of benefits as described below. Rowers may also cox Learn To Row programs as a way of covering the cost of dues (see below). In whatever way our coxswains contribute their time, they are a huge part of Lake Union Crew’s success.

As with the rowers, coxswains receive regular on-water coaching. Full-time coxswains are ‘assistant coaches’ and work in tandem with the program coach to maximize crew improvements. Coxswains also receive recordings of National Team coxswains, land training, and our Coxswain Handbook. The handbook contains a variety of important information for experienced and novice coxswains alike, including:

  • Steering, stopping, and turning

  • Commands

  • Boat handling

  • Safety

  • Equipment

  • Traffic pattern map

Full-Time Coxswain Benefits

Coxswains are considered full time if they cox 3 times per week, and up to 5 times per week directly before they travel to National and International events. Benefits include:

  • Full membership at no cost

  • Uniform and other LUC gear

  • Travel and hotel costs paid for all away regattas

  • All regatta entry fees paid

  • Being treated as an Assistant Coach by team coaches

  • A team of athletes who greatly appreciate you

Cox for Credit Program

Members may participate in our Cox for Credit program. Eligibility for this program requires attendance of our Coxing Basics course, offered periodically, unless they have adequate experience. This is a great way for rowers with financial considerations to cover their costs one month at a time. Here is how the program works:

  • You may cox for any program, however, Learn to Row still has highest priority.

  • To have one month’s membership fee waived, coxswains must cox for 8 Learn to Row classes or 10 classes in another program.

  • Keep track of your coxing by signing in and out at the front desk.

  • Cox for Credit is available to members only.

Coxing Basics Classes

Coxing Basics class is an opportunity for new and experienced rowers alike to debunk the myths behind the microphone and get more comfortable in the driver’s seat. Whether you are a trial member or a long time sweeper, this class will give you a new perspective on rowing and lessen the intimidation of coxing. The class will be lecture format and will give you the tools to practice coxing in your programs.

More Coxing Resources

Here’s a great selection of coxing basics on YouTube, of course there’s much much more there too. Listening to races, coaches and other coxing practices is a great way to build your coxing skills and tool bag.

How to Steer an 8+ Basics
How to Dock Basics
Docking Timelapse with Voiceover
Leaving the Dock
More Steering Basics
Dock Approach

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